Full of joy and energy Catholics around 900 in number gathered at Mafinga parish in Iringa diocese for the centenary symposium. The event has been organised by the Consolata missionaries in union with the Iringa diocese committee to launch the year of jubilee that aimed at animating people to be part of the ongoing preparation of jubilee celebration.

 It was Saturday 20th October 2018 when people from all over the country mostly from Iringa diocese gathered for listening and open sharing on the theme of Evangelization.

This event marks the beginning of activities of animation that will take place during this year until 14th October 2019 when the closure of Jubilee will take place at Tosamaganga, the mother church of all the churches in Iringa diocese. It is a time to celebrate, a time to remember the great things that the Lord has done for Consolata and for the entire people of Tanzania.

Evangelization, the main theme well described by the 2 main speakers: fr. Erasto Mgalama and fr. Leonard Maliva enthusiastically. While fr. Erato introduced the theme by bringing historical memories into ears of listeners, fr. Leonard, a Iringa diocesan priest took his time to express his lived experience of life witness of Consolata missionaries who brought this history from a very humble beginning up to this far.

After presentation by main speakers, time arrived for questions and answers. This moment revealed the people’s affinity to the Consolata presence in Tanzania. With curiosity and emotions people aired out what has marked their lives in regard to Consolata missionaries.

Bishop Tarcisius Ngalalekumtwa the ordinary of Iringa was present among the participants of the event. In his talk, bishop started by key –word “MCHUNGAJI- JIRANI NA KONDOO” to mean, it is a time for pastors to get closer to his sheep.

Insisting on responsibility, the bishop underlined on the mature Church that equally encounters with responsibilities. Two important aspects are signs of such maturity namely: decentralization of the diocese by creating 12 new parishes and creation of new diocese of Mafinga. All these show that the local church is growing rather that stagnant.

We thank God for having journeyed with Consolata missionaries from their arrival 1919 when they came to give answer to the urgent demands of pastors filling the gap left by Benedictine missionaries.

With much gratitude for the fruits in terms of evangelization, education and health services, let us move on to open a new page of Consolata presence in Tanzania while we aim at high for the next one hundred years.

Fr. Cyprian Mvanda imc.

Regional Superior


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