Today, the 20th February 2018, the region of Tanzania, after confirming the majority of presence (54 members out of the 61 in the region) officially opened their Annual Regional Conference. This conference is graced by the presence of the General Superior Fr. Stefano Camerlengo, the Vice General Superior Fr. James Lengarin and the African Continental Councilor Fr. Godfrey Msumange.

The Regional Conference has always been a period where the missionaries living far and engrossed in the missions come together in the large Consolata community to share ideas, joys and sorrows and also the experiences and plan together how to move forward as a region.


Before the conference, all members gathered for the Holy Mass, that was presided on by the General his preaching, he urged us as a region to embrace the changes that come with time without fear.

The conference began by the Regional Superior, Fr. Cyprian Brown confirming the presence of members and presenting of the apologies of those who never come for the meeting. It was followed by the presentation made by the superior of the Consolata Sisters Tanzania, Sr. Jane, who gave their plan of uniting the regions and also of their new opening to come in April in the diocese of Lindi. She also reminded of the beatification of Sr. Leonela Sgorbati in the month of May.

Later, there was a word from the Regional Superior of Tanzania who gave the general state of our region, insisting on the events ongoing in the Tanzanian church, i.e. 150 years of evangelization in Tanzania, 100 years of the first local priests (Tanzanian priests) and 100 years of the presence of the Consolata Missionaries in Tanzania.


He talked of our successes and failures and gave the challenges to provoke us so that we may construct our way forward. After the provocation of the Regional Superior, the Regional administrator gave the economic status of the region. He called for a more cooperation in governing our assets. Then the Continental Superior took over and highlighted on the decisions that were reached by the continental councilors on various sections. He insisted that the points that came up should be included in our discussions so as to concretize the continental spirit in our region. He also talked of the new openings in Africa. Lastly the General superior took over and shared on the new idea of continentality that has to help increase the possibility of having more missionaries for missions and more decentralization of powers to regions. He gave the history of subsidies from its abundance to where we are now, encouraging more intelligent and professional investments.

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