“The “Consolata Missionary Society” is a catholic missionary congregation that was founded in 1901 by the Blessed Joseph Allamano, a priest from the Diocese of Turin in northern Italy.

The Consolata Missionaries are a family of priests, brothers and lay people, who are committed to bringing the Gospel into the world.

They are totally dedicated to the Mission, and they profess poverty, chastity and obedience in the spirit of the evangelical beatitudes. And they do it for life, not for a limited period of time.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is for them an inspiration and a Mother. Like Mary, whom they venerate with the title of Consolata, they want to bring to the world the true Consolation, which is Jesus and His the gospel. At the same time they are closed to the marginalized, comfort the afflicted, heal the sick, enhance human development, defend human rights, and promote justice and peace.

They work all over the world, and in Africa they are present in: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Ivory Coast.